Welcome to MasterKey Bilingual Academy!

Classroom Facilities

Our classrooms at MasterKey Bilingual Academy have been intentionally planned to present a calming affect to the children. The walls are neutral and the wall decor is minimum. Teaching resources are strategically placed throughout the room for specific academic purposes. Each class, English & Spanish, are divided into groups to maximize learning space and learning tools. One area is specific to learning new academic skills in small groups while other areas emphasize free exploratory learning experiences and artistic expression. The rooms contain toys for building-blocks and legos; home areas for “real-life” play-kitchen and a reading nook; transportation areas for cars and trains; and a sensory bin for tactile exploration and discovery by using practical life skills:dumping, filling, scooping, etc. 

Education and Academics

The Math program is purposeful, engaging and builds upon the students informal understandings of patterns, numbers, measurement, and shape. In their Math lessons, they sort and count manipulatives; sort according to size and color, etc; measure; compare; and order items. 
Science concepts are explored through a variety of venues and always involves addressing the key science process such as asking questions, observing, describing, predicting, comparing, classifying, and evaluating. 


Students work in groups, with partners and in a whole group to complete activities or play games. In Frog Street’s literacy units, students will be introduced to the letters and sounds, be able to recognize and write their name, as well as recognize upper and lower case letters. Daily the children hear a new story and respond by answering “W” questions-Who is the story about? What happened first?, What happened next? What happened at the end? Where did the story take place? etc.

What local education authorities are saying about
MasterKey Ministries
and our
MasterKey Ministries Bilingual Academy

“I applaud MasterKeys’s efforts to effect positive changes in Grayson County. Their highly personalized and strategic approach to addressing the challenges presented by a lack of financial resources or limited English language proficiency is making a difference, and I have observed it first-hand the powerful impact of their work….
I actively support MasterKey’s mission and consider them a vital partner in the education process….”
-Dr. David Hicks, Sherman ISD, Superintendent of Schools

Our Classrooms

MasterKey Bilingual Academy is divided into two classes based on the preschooler’s primary home language: English or Spanish. Although the classes speak two different languages, the daily lesson plans are planned the same using Frog Street Pre-K Curriculum. It is child-centered, thematically divided and focuses on Social-Emotional Learning to encourage joyful learning.

Each of the classes have a literacy lesson of stories, rhymes, and finger plays, Math & Science lessons and activities, and moving and learning times-dancing, singing, and playing outside as well as learning calming strategies to help them manage their stress.

English Classroom

The English class is enhanced by singing songs, counting and learning short phrases in Spanish.

Bilingual Classroom

The Spanish class spends most of their day speaking and learning in Spanish but Math is always taught in English.

Your Children

Safety of the children in our care is our #1 priority. All teachers at MasterKey Bilingual Academy are trained in what the state defines as “Supervising children”. Supervision is an ongoing and active process that results in a safe environment and safe children. Teachers practice active supervision by knowing and complying with the Minimum State Standards; knowing which children they are responsible for; ensuring children are not out of control; and providing activities that are age appropriate. 

The state teacher-to-child ratio is 1 to 15 (3 yr olds) and 1 to 18 (4 yr olds) and 1 to 22 (5 yr olds). At MasterKey Bilingual Academy, our teaching staff has low teacher-to-child ratios: 1 to 10 or 2 to 20 (for 3-5 yr olds combined ages). We care about your child!

Your children’s education and care are our priority!